the artist & the path of beauty

I, Harold John Pendergast have developed an artistic aesthetic that is reflective of my observations of practical and aetherial phenomenon. My acceptance of the colour wheel as a temperature model for both palette & subject defines the body of my work. The representational practice I have undertaken has historical influences, from Flemish painting and Fauvim to Surrealism, PopArt, and Realism. Sharing from art history is a lyrical invitation to the viewer of my paintings to, “enter this story and share with me what this is ...”


My artistic experiment is an expression of differences, a devotional chaos aligned along a central theme of colourful narrative. This story is expressed technically through geometries and figurative works, combining illustrations and abstractions, mixing media and metaphor to produce works of wonder. Displaying carefully crafted curiosities, the artwork of Harold John Pendergast is expressed with emotion & imbued with beauty.


photo of Mister Pendergast

by Larry McDowell

method of the artist

art; pole to science and non-linear expression. application of the creative process.

Art; imaginations producer and the act of ceativity, the action of committed sharing of ideas between people.

ART; from nothing to something, creation!

Art is what we do. When we 'make' something, be it a sandwich or a sculpture, we intend to create. With a sandwich, the proscess is somewhat understood. With a sculpture, the process may not be understood at the beginning, and a creative 'exploratio' begun to understand the intent.

Perhaps there is a similarity regarding a sandwich and a sculpture. These things that may, on the surface, appear so different. There is a similarity in that both are intended creations. Both, at one point, did not exist, were, imagined, intended, planned & produced. Both created as artifacts of purpose.

Our creative intent ranges from the simple to the sublime and reflects our intention. The methods and materials of production reflect creative steps taken before us by our ancestors. A cultures art comprehensively reflects the intent, values and technology of the people who created the artifact.

So imagine, and with fidelity to your intent, create!